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Special LIMITED EDITION Mask ready - Guy Fawkes V For Vendetta Original Mask Paper mask Resin mask Best model V de Venganza

Special LIMITED EDITION Mask ready - Guy Fawkes V For Vendetta Original Mask Paper mask Resin mask Best model V de Venganza

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If you're interested we have the Professional Replica Costume of V for Vendetta, Cape, shoes, gloves, vest, hat, wig.

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ All models are made in Italy, Netherlands and
distributed in the United States, only (FAST SHIPPING). ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Did you know that Guy Fawkes' is the best-selling mask in the world? Not only for its popularity following the film V for Vendetta, but also and above all for the hacker group "Anonymous" who made it a symbol of the struggle against power.

Guy Fawkes' mask was used by Anonymous's group for the first time in 2008, when hundreds of members decided to go out on the street to report abuse of the Church of Scientology. Hackers remained silent, hundreds of them, disguised as Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes, the original one, was a member of a group of British Catholic conspirators who in 1605 attempted to blow up King James I of England with all members of the English Parliament.

The plot was discovered by a soldier of the king, Thomas Knyvet. Since then, the failure of the "Guy Fawkes Night" attack has been celebrated in the United Kingdom and New Zealand on 5 November each year, and children burn a bomber figure in a bonfire.

Our reproduction of the Guy Fawkes mask is faithful to the original of the film V for Vendetta. It is treated in detail, made with passion and dedication. You won't find another mask like that, I assure you. It is hand-painted and very resistant and flexible thanks to the technique that we have used for over twenty years for Venetian masks. The size is one and fits well for both men and women. It is also equipped with laces for easy wearing. It can also be hung for decoration.

Our masks are made according to the most ancient Venetian techniques and with the most innovative materials in the sector.
Each mask is a unique work of craftsmanship that arrives directly to your home, created and customized just for you.
With this mask, you will impress everyone at any ball or masquerade party. 🎭 🎃

The mask is unisex and one size fits all. 👩🏽‍ 👨🏼
It is made with hypoallergenic and certified materials. ✅

What are you waiting for to order it?
You can also request to write a personalized message inside the mask, signed by the craftsman himself ❤️

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Height: 22cm

Width: 15cm

depth: 9.5cm


To keep it clean just a dry brush and that's it


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