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Burgundy curved nose

Burgundy curved nose

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The Turkish nose is a very beautiful and representative mask of the Italian theater. This mask is characterized by an elaborate and detailed design, which highlights the typical characteristics of the Italian theater. The Turkish nose is usually painted in bright, bold colors that contrast with the black and white of the rest of the mask. Its unique shape, with a prominent nose and mischievous smile, make this mask a distinctive and memorable item.

The Turkish nose is often used in theater performances and cultural festivals, where it represents an important part of Italian tradition and history. This mask is also a popular accessory for themed parties and fancy dress parties, where it is much loved for its elegance and fun. Ultimately, the Turkish nose is a beautiful mask that represents the best of Italian theater, and which brings a touch of joy and fun to any occasion.

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Height: 22cm

Width: 15cm

depth: 9.5cm


To keep it clean just a dry brush and that's it


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