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Catherine mask original model of the day of the death in Mexico

Catherine mask original model of the day of the death in Mexico

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Catrina masks, also known as "Calavera Catrina", are traditional Mexican masks that are often worn during Day of the Dead celebrations. These masks are typically handcrafted and depict a female skeleton, or "Catrina," wearing a wide-brimmed hat and elegant clothing.

The Catrina masks you described are made with a color palette of pink, white and purple flowers. These flowers are often used to adorn masks, giving them a unique and colorful look. The use of different colors and flower motifs gives the mask a lively and rich depiction of death.

The use of different colors in these masks can also have a symbolic meaning. For example, the color pink can symbolize love and affection, while the color white can symbolize peace and purity. The purple color can symbolize the continuity of memories and the cycle of life.

These masks are typically handmade in Mexico, often by artisans who have passed down the traditional craft of mask-making through the generations. The artisans who make these masks take great care and take pride in their work, and each mask is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. Not only are they a beautiful representation of death and the cycle of life, they are also a masterpiece of handcrafted craftsmanship.

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Height: 22cm

Width: 15cm

depth: 9.5cm


To keep it clean just a dry brush and that's it


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