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Cherbourg Hot Air Balloon

Cherbourg Hot Air Balloon

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Once upon a time there was a man who had a dream: to fly freely like a bird in the skies. With this dream in mind, he decided to build a hot air balloon that would take him up into the clouds. The balloon was special, painted in bright colors and decorated with fantastic images representing all the dreams in the world. This is me, who built it to make you dream and decorate your home like a child who still dreams

The man worked day and night to build his balloon, taking care of every detail and choosing only the lightest and most resistant materials. When she was finally ready, she climbed aboard and freed the tethers that kept her anchored to the ground. With a slight leap, the balloon rose towards the sky, carrying it higher and higher.

Looking down, the man saw the earth become smaller and smaller and saw the beauty of nature in a way he had never seen before. He felt the peace and freedom that flying gave him, and he knew that his dream had come true.

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Height: 22cm

Width: 15cm

depth: 9.5cm


To keep it clean just a dry brush and that's it


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