il Programma del Carnevale di Venezia 2023

the Program of the Venice Carnival 2023

The Venice Carnival is one of the most anticipated events of the year and one of the most famous carnival celebrations in the world.

the Carnival of Venice 2023 will begin on Saturday 4 February and will end on Tuesday 21 February.

During this period, the city of Venice transforms into one big party, with thousands of people wearing elaborate costumes and traditional masks as they stroll through the calli and campi.

The Venice Carnival is famous for its costume parades, masked balls and parades along the Grand Canal. Music and dance performances are a big part of the celebration, with many bands and groups performing throughout the city.

Furthermore, during the Carnival of Venice, there are numerous exhibitions and displays celebrating the history and tradition of the Venetian carnival. Art lovers can visit the museums and galleries to admire the works inspired by the carnival.

For those who wish to participate in the Venice Carnival, there are many opportunities to purchase costumes and masks from us in our Online Shop, which I mean our... your online shop. There are also many options for activities during the day and in the evening, such as gondola rides, local food tastings and walks around the historic sites of the city.

How long does the Venice Carnival last?

The celebration takes place for ten days where people dress up in costumes and participate in organized parades or simple processions through the streets. The costumes are eighteenth-century Venetian dresses, just as if they came out of a Canaletto painting.

Is the Venice Carnival worth it?

The Carnival of Venice is an unmissable experience for those who love culture, art and celebration. Venice is already a fascinating city at any time of the year, but during the Carnival it becomes even more suggestive and colourful.

Participating in the Carnival is a lot of fun, especially if you wear a traditional costume and book your accommodation in advance. You can choose to be elegant and extravagant or simple and fun, as you wish. However, it is important to bear in mind that some days it may be cold, so it is advisable to have warm clothing underneath your swimsuits.

Is the Venice Carnival free?

During the day, you can attend free public events such as costume parades and street processions, admire the grand costumes, and participate in free exhibitions and activities. However, during the night, masquerade balls and parties take place in private Venetian palazzos, requiring the purchase of tickets for entry.

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