donna d'epoca con maschera veneziana nera, foto in bianco e nero

The Masks were born with Women

The Masks were born with Women and their history has been Feminine since the most ancestral times, this is the truth.

Does it mean that masking is a female need or that women are anthropologically mysterious or that they need to disguise themselves? No.
But it is clear that the symbolic element of the mask itself is irrationally feminine.

The cultural, atavistic and at the same time powerfully desecrating driving force is obvious, but it is also the first depiction that is the most elusive bearer of Chaos, in short, the renewal, of which paradoxically women are the cornerstones in every civilization.

THE etymological term itself is of obscure origins: ghost, witch, sorcerer, sorcerer... but the name itself, if you look at it carefully, is a trick.

Here I'll stop (for now): My friend's work concerns the last period, which fortunately has come down to us: the Venetian masks, and it's a completely different story.


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