My life in Venice between masks and history

It was a hot summer day when I took my first trip to Venice. I had just turned 21 and, like many other young people, I was looking for adventures and new experiences. I couldn't imagine that that trip would change the course of my life.

I immediately fell in love with the city, its canals, its buildings and its masks. I couldn't resist the charm of those extraordinary objects, which represented the beauty, culture and history of the city. I therefore decided to move to Venice and start working with masks.

I started as an apprentice in the workshop of an expert craftsman, who taught me all the secrets of woodworking and papier-mâché. I learned to create masks for Carnivals, theatrical performances and street performances. My teacher showed me how to bring the most diverse characters to life, from the tragic to the comic, from the serious to the funny.

Over time, I became a skilled craftsman and became a partner of my master. I began to create increasingly complex and original masks, inspired by Venetian traditions and culture. My shop soon became very well known and my customers came from all over the world.

But not only did the work make me happy, the city and its inhabitants also made me feel at home, the Italians were always very affectionate and with a great sense of humor, tragicomic and funny.

My life with Venetian masks has been a continuous source of inspiration and joy. I discovered a new and fascinating world, and I was lucky enough to turn my passion into a profession. Now, every time I look at a mask, I feel the magic of Venice and the beauty of its culture.

After starting my life in Venice, I started to get to know the city differently. I was no longer just a tourist, but a resident who saw tourists arriving from all over the world. Every day I met new people with whom I could share stories and listen to the Italian language that I loved so much every day.

The warmth of Venice and the smells of the city had become familiar to me and I loved sitting on a terrace with a glass of wine and watching the world go by. I heard stories of love and unrequited love, and I realized that the city was full of stories and secrets.

Italian culture is so full of self-love, the people are culturally rich and always on the cutting edge of fashion and art. Everywhere there were art exhibits, paintings and sculptures for me to admire. I loved walking through the streets of Venice and discovering hidden corners, ancient churches and palaces with incredible stories.

My life in Venice has been full of anecdotes and adventures. I met many friends with whom I shared a thousand stories, we drank in the city, we ate together, we slept on the streets and we had a lot of fun. I have spent many very cold winters, but Venice retained an enviable magic.

I worked in my laboratory day and night, I was in love with my work, my laboratory and everything that happened there. I was really happy to create my Venetian masks. My hands were always wet and dirty with paper and glue, and they were also dirty with chalk lumps. My clothes were always stained or had some defect due to my work, but that didn't matter to me, I was proud of my work and of being a craftsman.

My friends and I spent our evenings exploring the canals of Venice, admiring the old buildings and palaces. Once, while we were drinking an aperitif on a terrace, we saw a procession of decorated boats pass beneath us. It was a wonderful sight that I will never forget.

I also remember a particular night when my friend Ale and I decided to sleep on the street. We choose a quiet place near the church of San San Pantalone and lie down on the steps of the church. It was a warm night, but we were so tired that we fell asleep quickly. However, when we woke up the next morning, we realized that we had slept in a place with a breathtaking view.

Venice is a city full of stories and anecdotes. I lived there for many years and never got tired of discovering new things about it. I'm grateful for all the adventures I had there and all the wonderful people I met.

Over time I understood that Venice was not just a beautiful city, but my city, I also understood that it was a city full of life and interesting people. I had learned to love Venice not only for its beauty, but also for its stories, its culture and its people. Now, every time I return to Venice, I feel at home and I am grateful to have started my life in this wonderful city. Venice will always have a special place in my heart.

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