Intervista con l'artista "Nostalgie Eternelle"

Interview with the artist "Nostalgie Eternelle"

I am delighted to have as a guest today "Nostalgie Eternelle", a talented artist who has made his love of the Venice carnival into a unique art form. His skill in creating elaborate disguises and interpreting the Venetian tradition is a true inspiration to us all.
Thank you for agreeing to share your experience and your art with our blog. We are eager to know more about your inspirations, your creative processes and your future projects. Thanks again for being here with us today and helping to keep this wonderful tradition alive through your unique art.

Tell us a little about who you are. What do you do, where do you live:

Hi Max, thank you for granting me this interview in an attempt to illustrate a small part of the unique and magical atmosphere that is experienced at the Venice Carnival. I'd rather not say too much about myself (I'm still a mask!) But I currently live in Salerno and I take care of a website dedicated to the cultural dissemination of Campania, illustrating scenarios and villages of undoubted historical and landscape interest with articles and photos.

What was the inspiration for your costume for the Venice carnival?

I have to thank my family who have always been passionate about reading: books, newspapers and specialized magazines often fell into my hands until, around the age of 6, I noticed in a magazine a report dedicated to the Carnival accompanied by photographs of the great Fulvio Roiter. The images were highly evocative and something clicked in me, a shiver and a whirlwind of emotions that turned into a dream carried on until a few years ago.

How long have you been dressing up for carnival?

For about seven years.

What has been your favorite costume so far?

Hard to say, they are all part of me and represent a piece of my personality.

What challenges did you encounter while creating your costume?

No doubt my complete ignorance of how to technically make a costume. Lacking sartorial skills, I had to search far and wide for ateliers that could satisfy my inspirations and, fortunately, living a few kilometers from a large theater city like Naples, I managed to find it. The same goes for the mask, obviously focusing the research on Venice which represents a sort of sancta sanctorum of the mascareri.

Give us your opinion on the importance of maintaining the Venice carnival tradition?

It is essential to preserve an essential piece of Venetian culture. Already in the times of ancient Rome the highest authorities granted days of unbridled entertainment to appease the disturbed souls of the population, in Venice the festive concept extended to disguise during the Middle Ages and expanded more and more over time up to its maximum splendor in the eighteenth century. Concealing one's identity to awaken the most hidden instincts, not necessarily the darkest but certainly more sincere, represents the unique essence of the Venetian Carnival in the world.

What is your advice for someone who wants to dress up for the first time?

Letting go of desire and creativity with all the means available without being conditioned by other disguises that are sometimes too opulent. The Carnival of Venice is open to all dreamers of any age and social class.

Tell us your plans for the next carnival, do we mean carnival 2024?

Trying to have as much fun as possible while keeping a humble profile. Over the years my costumes have become a style that can easily be traced back to my personality and, consequently, more and more professional photographers or simple Carnival enthusiasts have started looking for me to organize private photo sessions. I prefer to continue on this path without particular ambitions, giving those who seek me an emotion and receiving in return an unforgettable memory without forgetting the fun with people (and masks) that are closest to my heart.

What is your most unforgettable memory of the Venice carnival?

Definitely the first year in a mask, extremely rigid and awkward in his movements because under too many eyes but incredibly free.

How long does it take you to prepare your costume, I mean from sketches to finishing?

Two days to design an idea, one day to finish it with your trusted atelier, one month to produce it.

Well... One last question and we won't waste your time anymore... How did you find Unmaskedstore? What do you think of us and why would you recommend our products to our customers?

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it has been a huge pleasure.

Searching the web and verifying not only the beauty of the masks but also the possibility of customization. For an event where creativity reigns supreme, it was essential that the craftsman commit himself to creating a unique and exclusive mask. And luckily I was able to find it from you! I also valued the wide availability in accepting my requests, the quality of the pure papier-mâché masks and their durability put to the test during my long days between calli and campielli.

If you want to ask our artist more, you can contact him directly here:

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