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How to create a paper mache mask?

My passion for the art of paper mache masks began many years ago.

My papier-mâché master is called Tito. He is an artist skilled in creating papier-mâché artwork, a technique that consists of using layers of paper and glue to create three-dimensional figures and objects. Under Tito's guidance, I learned to manipulate paper and glue to create surprising and realistic figures. I really appreciated his patience and his ability to teach the technique, making it accessible even to beginners like me. Thanks to him, I discovered a new passion for paper mache art and I look forward to continuing to experiment and improve my skills.

I decided to try and create my first mask using these materials and started looking for a mold to give it the desired shape. I created a plaster mold together with Tito, starting from a sculpture made with clay worked entirely by hand. I turned my sculpture into plaster and started creating the mask.

To start, I cut the newspaper into pieces and placed them in a tub of water.

I then started to coat the mold with the newsprint paste, pressing well to make the paste adhere well to the walls of the mold. I let the mask dry for a few hours and then removed the mold. I worked on the mask with a sandpaper to smooth the surfaces and to make it smoother.

To give the mask a pop of colour, I decided to use some acrylic paints etc. I mixed these colors with some water and applied them on the mask with a brush. I let it dry for a while and then added some details with markers.

My Venetian mask was finally ready and I was very satisfied with the result. I've discovered that the papier-mâché technique is very fun and easy to learn, and that it allows you to create truly unique and original masks. I have continued to make other masks over the years and have learned many new things about this technique, but my first Venetian mask will always remain a special memory for me.

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Here is a list of materials you may need.

To make paper mache masks, you will need:

  1. Paper mache - this is the main basis for your mask. You can buy it in our online shop.

  2. PVA glue - this is the best type of glue for working with paper mache. Make sure you have a good amount to be able to glue all the mask pieces together.

  3. Scissors: to cut paper mache and other materials you might use to decorate the mask.

  4. Pine cone: for molding papier-mâché into desired shapes and for creating fine details.

  5. Brushes: to apply the PVA glue and to paint the mask once finished.

  6. Acrylic paints: to paint the mask and to create colorful details.

  7. Decoration tools: such as beads, sequins, glitter, etc. to create additional decorative details.

  8. Masking tape: to hold the mask pieces together while they dry.

  9. Ribbon or elastic bands: to hold the mask in place once it is on.

  10. Optional: materials such as cardboard, fabrics, buttons, etc. to create additional decorative details.

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